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Traditional Blessing of Epiphany Holy Water in Connecticut

Photo via St. Patrick’s Parish and Oratory

The following churches will have the blessing of Epiphany Water on the eve of the Epiphany of Our Lord.

St. Cyril and Methodius, Bridgeport, 5:30 PM

Solemn First Vespers of the Epiphany at 5:30 p.m., followed by the blessing of this powerful sacramental (each service – Vespers and the Blessing – will take about 40 minutes).** PRACTICAL GUIDELINES **
(Please follow carefully!)- Each family may bring ONE container for blessing; it must be filled in advance with plain water.- If you cannot come to the blessing in the evening, you can drop off your pre-filled water container after the morning Mass. – For practical reasons, the bottle MUST have an easily removable cap that is sufficiently large (no smaller than a standard milk-jug-sized opening); containers with narrow necks will NOT have bleesed salt added to them.

St. Patrick’s Parish and Oratory, Waterbury, 6 PM

Join us on the Eve of the Epiphany 6pm at St. Patrick Oratory, Waterbury, CT for the Traditional Solemn Blessing of Epiphany Water, a powerful sacramental.Bring your containers of water, salt, frankincense, myrrh, gold, and chalk to be blessed and exorcized during the solemn blessing service on Jan. 5 @ 6pm.Please bring these objects to be blessed ahead of time at the Church blessing table adjacent to the Crèche.Water containers (no personal small bottles please) must have an opening large enough to place exorcized salt

St. Martha’s Parish, Enfield, 7 PM